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We believe that you shouldn’t go it alone and that there should be a place where you can find support, share resources, and be able to ask questions and receive answers from other experts in the field. This is a community for organizations currently involved in our certification or quality improvement programs. Please use this network as a space to utilize resources, ask questions, and engage with other organizations, to aid in your path to increasing quality of care!

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Stroke Survivor 2 Survivor (SS2S) Program - Learn More! 218

SS2S is a complimentary telephone-based peer support program for stroke survivors and their caregivers. It is run by stroke survivor or stroke caregiver volunteers with special training and overseen by a local health care facility on-site coordinator. With the tools provided in the SS2S program, the health care facility and volunteers can make a ...

Added by Aurora Quigley News Hot Topics 03/22/2024
Nominate your team for Group Heroes before it's too late! 210

You know your stroke team is awesome, so take a few minutes today to answer just 2 questions about why they are so awesome to nominate them for the Stroke Hero Awards' Group Heroes award ! If your team wins, you'll join the ranks of past Group Heroes and Voters' Choice Hero winners like Stamp Out Stroke and ProMedica Stroke Network. Learn more about the ...

Added by Aurora Quigley News Hot Topics 11/29/2023
Nominate Your Stroke Heroes Today 209

We are currently accepting nominations for the Stroke Hero Awards in five categories: Group Heroes, Equity Hero, Pediatric Hero, Survivor Hero and Caregiver Hero. For the Group Heroes award, you can nominate your stroke team or support group, or both! For the Equity Hero category, this is a great opportunity to honor a colleague who prioritizes ...

Added by Aurora Quigley News Hot Topics 11/17/2023
2023 Heart Disease And Stroke Statistical Update 193

Each year, the American Heart Association – in conjunction with the CDC, NIH, and other government agencies – compiles statistics on heart disease, stroke, and other vascular diseases for the Heart Disease and Stroke Statistical Update. This is a valuable resource for staff who use elements of the report to share our mission progress, as well as ...

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